Welcome to Naiyala High School - Fiji



ELOISE BIGGIN:  This trip was an inspirational experience  -  no amount of descriptive words nor perfect pictures could capture the amazing journey I've encounted.  

KATLIN MASCADRI:  This once in a lifetime opportunity has been just that!  These precious moments and amazing adventures have definitely changed the way I will look at my life.                     

LINSY ARMBRUSTER:  Having an extraordinary amazing experience like this is a once in a lifetime experience.  I couldn't have asked for a better way to make new friends and new memories.  Truly life changing!                                                                                                                                        


KAREN THOMAS (President R/C Burleigh Heads):  This has been the most enjoyable experience of my life.  I am coming back for sure  -  there is much more to do.

JAN CROSS (President R/C Tenterfield):  Fantastic experience  -  highly recommend that anyone who has the chance of an experience such as this grabs it with both hands.  Words cannot express the gratitude of the people.  You have to see their faces to understand.

FRANCES OVERELL (Rotarian R/C Tenterfield):  A commitment to join the volunteer team to visit Naiyala High School 5 months ago was a decision made without any hesitation.  The experience has now become a reality.  I have been humbled by the school community, the villages we have visited, the people on the buses we travelled on and my hosts who I stayed with.  All these people say "thank-you" to me  -  but my "thank-you" goes to all of them for welcoming me into their lives.  I hope my contribution makes a difference.

PDG ROSS SMITH (President R/C Palm Beach):  For the small amount we have given we have been more than rewarded with loyalty, generosity and kindness.  It certainly reinforces the old adage  -  "It is better to give than to receive".  

HEINZ BUSCHER (RAWCS Work-party Boss  -  Stanthorpe):  At Naiyala I met the friendliest people I have ever met.  It was a pleasure to help.

GINO CABRIA (Rotarian R/C Stanthorpe):  The most humbling experience of my life  -  living in the village environment with overwhelming difficulties and being involved with a wonderful team of willing workers.  I will always remember them.

ELAINE CABRIA (Stanthorpe):  An enriching experience from every aspect  -  not only with the Fijian people and their customs but working with the whole team and making new friends.

BILL HUMBLE (Honorary Member R/C Stanthorpe):  We have just scratched the surface.  I have learned the true meaning of generosity, friendship and humility.

BILL BONNER (Past President R/C Stanthorpe):  It has been too long since I last visited this beautiful country and its happy people  -  it has been great to come back.                                         The hosting of team members by locals was innovative, and I believe, very succesful.  The result has been many close friendships.  The only down side was the lack of a reliable water supply, but this served to remind us that these conditions are something the locals face daily. The team was diverse in skills, but worked well,  It is sad that illness and wet weather prevented us from completing more projects.  The diabetes project must be followed up.   Bula Vinaka.                                           

CHARLOTTE DOSS (Rotaractor  -  Burleigh Heads Club):  This has been the most amazing experience!  I love it here and I don't want to leave.

JUDY LEE (Stanthorpe):  Another of life's valued experiences  -  serving the people we love so much  -  in Fiji  -  the friendliest place on earth.  Working, sharing, learning, bonding with the team members and students has been an amazing journey over two weeks.                  

I personally thank students Eloise, Katlin and Linsy for their exemplary behaviour, their willingness to embrace the people and their culture, and for their active participation in all aspects of the program.                                                                                                

I believe this unique Cultural and Educational Experience between the Naiyala High School, Fiji, and St. Joseph's High School, Stanthorpe, Queensland, has been overwhelmingly successful and trust it will continue into the future.                                  

PDG DAVID LEE (Team Leader  -  Rotarian R/C Stanthorpe):                                              RAWCS PROJECT No. 63 1213                                                                                       A great volunteer team of members who showed fortitude and determination to achieve our goals.  The Rotary Clubs of Stanthorpe, Tenterfield, Burleigh Heads and Palm Beach can be justly proud of the contributions made by their club members involved in the project.                          

The involvement of two members in the educational aspect of the Naiyala School was greatly appreciated by the Principal and teachers.  The testing of 225 village people for diabetes was a very successful part of our program aimed to improve the health of the local community.                                                                                                                

I say "thank-you" to all members of the RAWCS Project  -  your contribution has made a significant difference to the lives of students and teachers at the Naiyala High School and many people from the surrounding villages.

THE CULTURAL & EDUCATIONAL GUIDED EXPERIENCE                                                      Eloise, Katlin and Linsy have been a credit to their school, St. Joseph's, Stanthorpe and their sponsor Rotary Club. The Rotary Club of Stanthorpe can be justly proud of the way they represented Rotary at all times.  For their willingness to seize the opportunities and learn from every new experience  -  I say "thank-you".    

We hope this unique concept of a Cultural & Educational Guided Experience between St. Joseph's High School, Stanthorpe and the Naiyala High School, Fiji will continue in the future.

PDG DAVID LEE (Team Leader)

Rotary Australia World Community Service Project Number 63/2012-13 Naiyala High School - Korovou - Fiji
The three students from St. Joseph's School finally arrived for their Cultural and Educational Experience in Fiji. From left: Eloise Biggin, Katlin Mascadri and Linsy Armbruster.
From 2nd to 18th August a RAWCS (Rotary Australia World Community Service) team to Fiji will carry out renovations and improvements to the Naiyala High School in Korovou, Tailevu, Fiji and educate the local community to improve their health and well being.
In December 2012 the Rotary Club of Stanthorpe packed a container of school related items and had them distributed between two schools  -  Squani High School on Vanua Levu and the Nailaya High School on Viti Levu.
 As a result of visiting the Nailaya School in January this year Past District Governor David Lee from D9640 saw a great need for assistance in the school compound.
There is a team of 14 volunteers involved in RAWCS PROJECT No. 63 1213.  Included in the volunteer team are three qualified nurses, a pharmacist and three teachers.  
As part of the RAWCS Project the nurses have registered with the Ministry of Health in Fiji to assist some of the time in the Korovou Hospital as well as setting up a clinic at the school to test people from the surrounding villages for diabetes and to educate them in avoiding or managing diabetes. 
The teachers will be involved in the school some of the time with one, recently retired as a Principal, being asked by the Principal of the Naiyala High School to give several Professional Development presentations.
Accompanying the volunteers to the Naiyala School are three students and a teacher selected from our local St. Joseph's School in Stanthorpe for  "A Reciprocal Cultural & Educational Guided Experience"  in Fiji.  
These students are being accommodated in the boarding facilities at the school and involved in all the school activities.
 On our return, after the two weeks the volunteers will bring back to Stanthorpe three students and two teachers from the Naiyala School to be involved with the school life of St. Joseph's School for two weeks.  
This concept of students travelling with RAWCS volunteers and being involved in the school involving the RAWCS Project is probably unique.
 Both the RAWCS Project and "The Reciprocal Experience" are being sponsored by the Rotary Club of Stanthorpe.

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Asenaca Rapai | Reply 28.10.2014 07.36

Bula Vinaka Naiyala Secondary school. Can i have the School Contact number..i wanted to contact the school regarding the DEAP programme.

Bill Humble | Reply 19.03.2014 13.02

Are there any photo's yet of the unloading of the 40ft. container ?? Regards Bill.

Debbie Daley | Reply 21.10.2013 09.48

Great idea to have all the team members put something in writing about their time in Fuji. Life changing & memories to last a lifetime. Keep up the great work.

P.tuvukica | Reply 19.08.2013 21.11

Bula everyone back in Naiyala Secondary in Winibuka Fiji,So glad to meet Mrs Mriam NAND This afternoon,thanks to David and Judy

Chris Biggin | Reply 16.08.2013 23.34

Thank you to David and Judy Lee and other Rotary persons for there care of the three Stanthorpe St Joes girls in Fiji.

Perditta O'Connor | Reply 11.08.2013 10.39

Congratulations to our group at Niyala. Wish even more that I could be there with you.

Arlene Mascadri | Reply 08.08.2013 01.38

Great to see the photos'. Hope the girls are gaining some new skills and enjoying the experience. Love to Katlin.xoxoxo.

Katlin 08.08.2013 18.54

Love you too. We are learning heaps!! Hope Dad has peace of mind now haha. xoxoxox see you in 10 days.

Kellie Biggin | Reply 07.08.2013 22.06

Loved seeing the photos'. Cant wait to see more. Huggs and kisses to Eloise.

TD | Reply 06.08.2013 11.56

Great photo's, looking forward to the diary entries

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17.04 | 11:57

cool pixes!!!!!!!!!!!!!mis the fun

28.10 | 07:36

Bula Vinaka Naiyala Secondary school. Can i have the School Contact number..i wanted to contact the school regarding the DEAP programme.

19.03 | 13:02

Are there any photo's yet of the unloading of the 40ft. container ?? Regards Bill.

14.12 | 13:52

What a wonderful experience shared with wonderful people. Our Fijian hosts together with the beautiful students made this a once in a lifetime memory.

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